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Task 1: The “Think I am known by you?” Game Sometimes household members understand less about one another than they believe.

Task 1: The “Think I am known by you?” Game Sometimes household members understand less about one another than they believe.

Time: 30-60 mins


This activity was designed to assist members of the family find out about each other’s meals choices and methods. The experience is designed following the Newlywed Game, A tv that is long-running tv show which took into the airwaves in 1966. The format is easy: A concern is posed to at least one individual in each set. See your face writes down their particular response. Their particular companion additionally writes along the response which they believe their particular companion penned straight straight down. Moobs wins 1 point for every proper match. The „pair” that wins the absolute most points wins the overall game.


General Goal

Members will remember meals tastes and meals practices of various various other family.

Certain goal

Participant will be able to record or match 2-4 meals choices and meals habits of various other nearest and dearest.


  • Two copies for the collection of 12 concerns, one concern per card (or compose the relevant concerns on a board or expense)
  • Report
  • Pens or pencils
  • Felt tip markers
  • Clipboards for composing on


  1. Set room up as being a studio for a casino game show, with 6-8 seating at the start, together with rest of chairs into the market.
  2. Pick 3-4 people to relax and play this video game. Select two members of every grouped family members to be a pair. Make certain that the sets are typical similar; for instance, if set a person is a mother or father and kid, then pairs 2, 3, and 4 must also include a moms and dad and kid. One other members within the space can observe and laugh!
  3. Find the 12 pages at the back of this area detailed as Handout 1-1 (1-12). They are the concerns which will be utilized for this video game. They’re also given below.

  1. Just how to Have Fun With The Game:
    • If most of the sets tend to be made up of a moms and dad and a kid, ask the little one very first, ” just exactly just What will be your mother/father’s preferred meals?” The kid will compose straight down his or her estimate in the concern web web web page. Perform some same thing for 4+ additional questions. Then reverse it and inquire the mother or father of each and every set to create down the way they believe kids will respond to the next 4+ concerns.
    • Check always to observe how well members guessed each other’s answers. Correct answers receive a spot. [Optional: create tie-breaker that is special, well well well worth bonus things, if desired].
    • Record the groups and points scored for a flip chart.
    • Through the entire online online game, invite family relations to compare and talk about their particular responses. they’re sure to have a lot of laughs plus discover a complete great deal about each other individuals food tastes and practices.

Questions for just one companion to inquire of one other

  1. Understanding your loved ones user’s preferred meals?
  2. So how exactly does family user communicate the need certainly to consume? (how will you understand as he or she actually is hungry?)
  3. How can your loved ones user present a pursuit in a food that is particular?
  4. An average of, just just how often times does your loved ones member chew his/her food before ingesting each bite?
  5. What exactly is your loved ones user’s preferred destination to eat away and exactly why?
  6. What exactly is family user’s the very least food that is liked?
  7. How frequently do you believe your loved ones user would like to have household dishes together (wide range of times week that is per and exactly why?
  8. Understanding your loved ones user’s preferred place to stay in whenever eating?
  9. What kind of vegetables does your loved ones user favor? — Canned, frozen, or fresh?
  10. Following a dinner at your house ., would you the absolute most work that is cleanup?
  11. What exactly is your loved ones user’s preferred beverage?
  12. What exactly is your loved ones user’s the very least drink that is favorite?
  13. What exactly is your household user’s favorite treats?

Extra Concerns for childhood

  • Whenever your adult relative goes food shopping, do they normally use a food record which they made ahead of time?
  • Whenever your person general chefs, do they would rather make use of the microwave oven or perhaps the regular oven?

Extra Concerns for grownups:

  • In case the kid surely could result in the choices for several members of the family about meals for eating, do you know the three meals that he / she would pick the many?
  • Which for the following cooking methods would your child state could be the the very least healthy method to prepare meals — cooking, boiling, or frying?

Questions for Additional Discussion:

To encourage discussion that is further

  • Ask people to fairly share whatever they discovered most fascinating, astonishing or what they currently understood but had forgotten.
  • Ask the people to spot one meals behavior they can you will need to enhance home throughout the week that is next russian brides porn. Report straight back during the next week/session.


That is a enjoyable task, nonetheless it usually takes a time that is long all people elect to play.

Look for a stability between degree of involvement plus the length of time offered.

This activity could be modified for 3-person teams for families with a child, parent and grandparent.

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